About Us

Hi! We are the Weldy's! Welcome to our little space on the internet.

I'm Lydia, he's Chris. Our kids are Otto, Meredith, and Edison. We are one pet short of the perfect little American family.

We met in college, and after two years of dating got engaged. Here's what our parent's faces looked like when we told them the news.
December 2007
Then a few months later got married.
May 2008
After becoming the two loudest, proudest members of the fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2009 we moved to the Dallas Metroplex. Chris is an engineer and I stay at home with our three kids.

He is big, bold, and loves adventure.
Otto Christopher, July 2010
She is little, cute, and a totally cheerful sweetheart.
Meredith Mae,  May 2012
Our newest edition, sweet and chunky.
Edison Louis,  January 2015
Are we exhausted with three? Sure. Would we take more? Absolutely.

I blog to document our life, because mommy brain is no joke, and keep our families up to date. Tune in for exciting updates about little people milestones and family outings.