Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of First Grade

First day of first grade for our Otto!
He was so excited. Like, happy to wake up early, waiting for me at the door, and didn't even want to stop at the park excited. "It's okay that we're early, Mom, I probably just need to get to class."
His new excited face cracks me up. And if you can't read the sign, he wants to be a wilderness police officer when he grows up, but only in Alaska. Favorite book is Go, Dogs, Go "but only because I can read it, not because I like it.". His favorite activities are bike riding and tree climbing,  "But I also like to sleep sometimes and play the iPad. Because it's nice to be lazy too." 

And his still sleepy siblings, pulled out of bed and tossed in the stroller with some Cheerios. 
And Chris started his second year of his PhD, first day on Baylor's campus for the semester:)
Here's to a great year!

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