Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July

We had a little fun this past weekend. Nana and Addy came to visit, and while Daddy talked Nana into slaving in the hot sun to replace the shop roof, the kids and I had fun running in the sprinklers and eating treats. We are so glad we got to see them!
On the fourth, we took a spontaneous family trip to Waco. The kids love seeing where Daddy goes to school.
We spent a few hours exploring the Mayborn Museum. I think the water room was our favorite, giant bubbles!
 My favorite people!
For dinner we stopped at a biker bar on the river. Totally kid appropriate, but the closest we could get to the water. Otto and Meri saved their bread to feed to the ducks, and it got a little scary when they ran out but the ducks were still hungry!
 And on our scenic drive home we found a firework stand. Sparklers and smoke bombs!
And a few of my people, because you can never have enough pictures.
Ned and his bestie!
I hope these two are always the best of friends.
Sweetest baby. He got two new teeth in the past few days, upper laterals, and only had minimal complaints.
Happy Fourth!

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