Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Square Foot Gardening (Spring Edition)

This year we started a garden. SO much fun, after the initial hauling of dirt and mixing. (Shout out to Jeanne and Nicholle!). Surprisingly, we actually grew things! 

Our first produce, sugar snap peas. (Dork Lydia was pretty much skipping around the yard at this point, how cool is growing stuff??!)
Our first carrot! Audrey from across the greenbelt was with us for most of our gardening adventures, she's a sweet helper.
Thanks to a really wet spring, the spur of the moment potatoes that we planted really did well. Our best performer by far, a definite repeat for next year.
Tiny strawberries.
Look at that monster!
Our five by ten bed really produced a lot. Much cheaper than therapy too. 
My favorite, cucumbers. 
Take that back, I also really like zucchini.
Chris surprised us one night and brought home berry bushes....fingers crossed they thrive.
Looking forward to next year!

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  1. Your garden puts ours to shame. All we got was tons of tomatoes and jalapenos...our squash was so sad and disappointing. This looks amazing!!