Saturday, April 2, 2016

Thomas the Train

Today was a fun day. For Christmas Nana and Papa got everyone tickets for Meet Thomas the Train in Grapevine. Stephen and Meri are at that adorable age where trains are legit business, and they were both SO impressed all day long. 
There were Thomas trikes to ride...
...and trains to be built.
Aunt Lala and big kid Michael. 
Otto tried his hardest to be 'too cool' for the activities, but even he was in awe when the conductor came by to punch tickets.
Ned was a wild man, no nap and lots of snacks makes for a crazy child.
Also, what kind of nutter butter voluntarily puts himself on a leash? 
My crew. (Themed outfits were borrowed from the Thomas girl's, thank you ladies!)
Always makes me happy to have all these little people together. Six, six and under!
Thank you for the fun day, Nana and Papa!

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