Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Our sweet buddy, Sarah, turned the big FOUR yesterday! 
Jeanne planned the cutest party, exactly as Sarah specified, Paw Patrol tea party with chocolate milk. Jeanne wins the party planning prize forever, we aren't even going to try and top it. Homemade pup tags and birthday dress, themed food, and perfect decorations--glad she's my friend or I might be intimidated by her mad skills;) Thankfully, Meri has requested a family adventure, phew! 
And these two, they make me laugh. Emily and Ned LOVE each other. Emily is so nurturing, always making sure that Ned has his bottle or pacifier or favorite toy, and Ned is just smitten with her. Every time they see each other they run and hug. Cutest thing.  

They are five months apart, but Ned is about five pounds when Emily is done playing he just sits on her because true love shouldn't be separated, right? Poor Emmy.
Thank you for letting us come party with you on your big day, Sarah!

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