Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter! (and bluebonnet pictures)

Happy Easter from the Weldy babies! 
We tried our best to get bluebonnet pictures in their Easter outfits...but let me tell you, it's crazy difficult. Aunt Sarah needs a medal for all the great photos she gets of my kids.

We bribed, and Chris made crazy monkey noises, but you get what you get. And that would be a baby demanding more fruit snacks.
So individual pictures it was! Ned and his four little teeth. Fourteen months and only four teeth, sweet buddy is taking his time.
Meri Mae. Her dress this year matched one of her best buddies down the street's. I love this stage we are in, being twinkies just thrills her.
And my Otto. You basically have to pin this kid down to take his picture.
But ask him to be a vicious tiger? The boy can go all day.
Sweet Ned wasn't a fan of the flowers. I agree baby, they are an excellent snake habitat, creeps me out too.
We didn't travel to see family this year, (Sam and Stuart had their babies on Good Friday! And we just got over the flu, not something we want to share with preemies) so we had our own little egg hunt in the front yard.
Happy Easter!


  1. So cute! I love love Meri Mae's dress! (And I think I recognize those shorts of Otto's!) And Ned is perfection in that man bubble!

  2. Lol love the snake habitat photos and Ned is adorable ble in his outfit.