Saturday, February 13, 2016

Future Aggies

All my babies have worn this shirt. I get all the sappy feels when I see it, cute baby chub or the fact that they are reppin' the best school there is, something just gets me.
 Otto was few months older than Ned, but sweet peanut Meri was 19 months.
 Ned took a tumble trying to climb off the plasma car, thus the scraped nose and forehead.
 He's getting big so fast. Trying his best to walk, not crawl, and chattering all day. He got his fourth tooth (f) last week, four total!
 And let's talk about those cheeks. Dee-licious! I could just kiss them all day.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daddy Daughter Date

Don't you just love that alliteration? Soothing to the brain.

Meri and Chris went on a date!
Little miss was SO EXCITED. She knew exactly what dress she wanted to wear, requested that we go shopping for new shoes to match, and spent the days leading up to their outing gloating rubbing it in telling her brothers about the 'meeting' she and Daddy were going to all by themselves, "no mothers or boys."
We did go shopping for new shoes, and she picked an adorable pair. But did she wear them? Nope. "I'll take a picture in them, Mommy, but I want to wear my light up sparkle shoes!" I let her, but a tiny piece of me was kicking and screaming.
She had a wonderful time, and I am so grateful that she has a Dad who will put on a pink tie at the end of a long day and take his girly out on the town.