Monday, December 28, 2015

Lake Belton (DeMuynck Family Reunion)

We got to spend a little time with my mother's side of the family this past weekend. My Uncle Jeff planned an overnight stay at Lake Belton; Jack and John's family's were able to make it too.
Judy, Jack, Jeff, and John. Just missing Joe!
We had dinner on the lake, then toured the Christmas lights on Fort Hood before spending the night in cabins at the Fort Hood Recreation area. The kids loved getting to see their Aunts, Uncles, and extended cousins. 
Ned loves Minky and MG!
This guy thinks he's so big, standing all the time and stayed up until 1:00am. Heaven forbid he miss anything! 
Always a good weekend when you get to spend it near a large body of water and people you love!

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