Saturday, December 12, 2015

Judah's First Birthday

My crew and I drove to Richardson today to celebrate with our little cousin, Judah, at his first birthday party. (Poor Chris had to go to school and take a final exam.)
Judah was born in dramatic fashion, basically a flying entrance, and was delivered by the local firemen. His parents planned a fun party embracing that theme, and had the Richardson fire department make an appearance. All three of my kids LOVED it. Meri now wants to be "a fireman and a PJ Mask superhero when I grow up.".
Helping Meri be brave
Ned was busy busy today. He took one look at Judah walking around and decided he wanted to do that too.
Thanks for keeping up with him, Aunt Becky!
He was, however, NOT okay with the suited up fireman. I think his reaction has more to do with the two front teeth he so desperately wants for Christmas, than being held by a new person. Teething is just the worst.  And yes, his pants a waaaaay too long. But they fit over his tush, so roll them up we will.
We also got to meet my cousin Beth's little girl! Sweet Hope is just beautiful, and so polite, she calmly took a nap during the party.

Birthday boy and his parents!

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  1. How fun first birthday party! I am in love with all these photographs. Your baby is just adorable. My youngest will also turn one soon and I would love to such a cute party for her. Currently I have been finding some suitable NYC venues for her party. Could you please help in finding a good venue?