Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Baby Ned: Eleven Months

I really dropped the ball this month a completely skipped getting pictures. Thankfully Ned has Aunt Sarah watching out for him! While we were in East Texas for Christmas, she took these wonderful pictures to help me prepare for his 'Neddy Bear' first birthday party! Thank you, thank you Sarah!

My sweet boy!
We love this kid. He is so chill, really goes along with whatever we have planned. He's a great eater, naps like a champ...and sometime in the future will probably start sleeping through the night, maybe hopefully. 
His hair is curly on humid days, and crazy the rest of the time. Total party in the back, business in the front situation. Knowing me, he won't get a hair cut until it reaches his shoulders. But seriously, could you cut that?
He can stand, but only with support, loves to walk holding your hands, and continues to really, really love Otto and Chris. Still only two teeth, but he doesn't let that slow him down in the eating department.
I'm definitely all kinds of sappy about his first birthday that is rapidly approaching. Wouldn't it be lovely if babies stayed babies for a half a second? The first year is just special.
We think you are perfect, Neddy Bear. 

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