Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving and Galvestion

For Thanksgiving this year, we snuck away to the Texas coast. With Otto being in school, our schedule has really changed. The littles and I really miss him during the day, and day trips out of town just don't happen. It was so fun to spend time with just our little crew, no schedules.
We began our adventure in Waco, stopping for Chris to attend class. The kids and I toured the campus, and even saw the bears.
And then to Bryan for dinner with three of my favorite siblings!

After arriving in Galveston, we briefly stopped to wave at the beach, then headed to bed. The next morning we hit the beach, weather was in the low seventies, and we pretty much had it to ourselves. Perfect!
These two were thrilled, and filthy.
We spent a day exploring Moody Gardens. The aquarium was by far the favorite, Ned especially loved it.
It was adorable how excited he was over the exhibits. And it didn't hurt that his bestie was there to carry him where ever he wanted to go.
We also walked ran through the ICE exhibit. SO cold! Chris zipped Ned inside his coat, and sweet Meri was so bundled up that she could barely waddle. The sweet man who offered to take a family photo didn't realize the importance of capturing that cuteness, sadly.
 Otto braved the cold for a quick run down the ice slide and to pose with SpongeBob, but then we were out the door to defrost in the sun with hot chocolate.
The theatre was showing RIO 2 in 4D, which was amazing to the littles. Meri and Ned's first big screen experience. 
We adventured out to the end of a levy after dusk, waves crashing all around. Otto was ecstatic, Meri was worried her new boots were going to get wet, and Ned giggled like a loon. Loud noises and dangerous things THRILL him.
On Thanksgiving Day, we ate out. Which, I have to say, was fantastic. No dishes or prep, lunch on a dock over the water, and we still got to eat turkey!  
That afternoon, in honor of Abbey's birthday, we grabbed some ice cream and went to the beach to dip our toes in the water.
For Otto, Meri, and Chris it turned into a full out swim. Poor Otto got rolled by a wave or two, but it didn't slow him down.
It was a bit brisk, but they didn't let that stop them.
Sweet Ned napped through most of the swimming, but woke up in time for a quick dip with Chris.
 Clearly, he hated it. The ocean is just the worst.
Our last day was grey and cloudy, but beautiful just the same. Wonderful trip, quite redemptive after the ridiculousness that was Memphis. We need to make it a goal to spend more time near water.

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