Thursday, November 19, 2015

Happy Birthday (Baby) Michael

Our sweet nephew Michael turns one tomorrow! We celebrated with him at his party a little early last weekend. Hard to believe a year has already passed, why do babies grow up so fast?
Birthday boy with his mom and dad:)
 Cutie covered in cake!
 Big brother Steven, so close to being three.
 Meri is a fan of cake too:)
Little Conner.
Chris is such a sweet Dad, he hung out with Ned most of the party. Daddy is Ned's BFF, and he was very happy to snuggle up on his chest and take a nap.
These two do love each other, and play so well together most of the time.  As Meri says, "Besties before the resties!"
 Michael started out opening presents by himself...
...But was quickly joined by the entire crew.
 Sweet birthday boy post cake.
Conner just couldn't hang with the party crowd and crashed on his grandmother's lap.

Happy Birthday Michael Man!

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