Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Baby Ned: Nine Months

Nine months! Ned changed so much in these last few weeks. It seems like he went from baby to big kid baby overnight. He crawls, he pulls up, he thinks he knows how to play chase, practically in college I tell you. Yes, I am sad about it. I love, love this age, and it's over far too quickly.
He loves playing with his siblings, crawling through the pop up tunnel and giggling when he thinks you are chasing him. He waves and flirts like a mad man, people are his jam. Sticking out his tongue is his move, know that he thinks you are special if he points it in your direction.
He loves the piano and leaps towards it if you happen to walk by while holding him.
He loves to hug. Pick him up after a nap? Hugs! Save him after he has pulled to a stand? Hugs! Otto walks by? Hug AND a kiss!
Touch seems to be his love language. He's happiest when he is with someone, and prefers to sleep with us because heaven forbid he have to go longer than a few hours without snuggling. It's not awful. He does start the night in his bed...just has yet to wake up there.

Look at that cute fuzzy hair! Curly when its humid out, we will see if it stays that way. Dad, for some reason the back of his head reminds me of you.
I love that he loves people. On school afternoons, he attentively searches the crowd coming out of the school until he finds Otto, and then throws himself toward him as soon as Otto is in kissing range. During the day, he and Meri play happily together, but Otto is his bestie.
He continues to love food, nursing is only fun when he has exhausted every other option.  The only food he doesn't love LOVE are green beans, but he will continue to pick them up and eat them while choking and gagging.  Such a good sport this kid is.
Seriously, what a hunk. I love this kid.
And never fear, all standing photos were taken with Ned's BFF for life standing guard just in case. 

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