Friday, September 18, 2015

Neighborhood Buddies

Kindergarten has helped us meet lots of new little buddies in the neighborhood, makes my social loving heart happy. This past week Otto's buddy, Oliver, walked home with us in the afternoons and hung out for a few hours until his Mom got home. 
Oliver is a cheerful little guy, and he doesn't mind talking about his school day...unlike his friend Otto, who's pretty tight lipped about what happens at school. I loved having him fill us in! 
Oliver's little brother, Ethan, got to play with Ned while the big boys were at school! Meri LOVED having two babies, and she was such a help. 
Ethan is a sweetie, and is busy and so strong. He can do a full sit up. Ned is two months older and can barely keep up with him. I predict they walk at the same time.
Super Ethan!
Morning walk to school
After school party!
So glad for sweet friends just down the street!

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