Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heart Walk 2015

It's heart walk time! The exclamation point might be overkill...I was kinda dreading it. There are lots of people, and I have lots of kids, loosing a child would be way too easy. The weather is generally WARM, and it's a full day event. But this was the first year that the weather was not only tolerable, it was pretty perfect. High of 82 is where it's at, you guys. The kids were thrilled to get to play on the bounce houses, and the super hero theme was right up their alley.
 We ran into the Tovar's, can't wait to meet their little girl!
 Favorite toy this year: Otto actually did rolling flips while Chris propelled it down the track.
Meri was a little more tame, she insisted that Daddy hold her while inside the ball.

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