Monday, September 21, 2015

Eight Months: Baby Ned

Our sweet little man is eight months old! It's ridiculous how fast this is happening.
He's army crawling, and is a terrific sitter. He eats just about everything, with a soft spot for graham crackers and deli turkey. He has mastered the pincher grasp, and just last week started waving, closed fist flapping back and forth, and clucking his tongue.
Otto is still his favorite, but I have moved into a strong second. He will crawl across the room to smother me in kisses before going back to playing. Don't hate it, not even a little.

Pant are hard to come by...I just took the little tank shopping for sweat pants for the fall and winter. He doesn't fit into jeans, and has to wear size 2T shorts to get them over his thighs. I have a feeling knits are going to be the only thing that work once the weather starts changing. The shirt he has on in the pictures is 24 months, redonk.

He has hair now, and occasionally it's curly! And his eyelashes just don't quit.
And look! Two teeth! First came through the first (p), and the second the 9th (o).
He knows his name, and the meaning of the word no. But is just like his older brother, in that he will wiggle and roll across the room to find electrical cords.
Love you, Nedlet!

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