Monday, September 21, 2015

Eight Months: Baby Ned

Our sweet little man is eight months old! It's ridiculous how fast this is happening.
He's army crawling, and is a terrific sitter. He eats just about everything, with a soft spot for graham crackers and deli turkey. He has mastered the pincher grasp, and just last week started waving, closed fist flapping back and forth, and clucking his tongue.
Otto is still his favorite, but I have moved into a strong second. He will crawl across the room to smother me in kisses before going back to playing. Don't hate it, not even a little.

Pant are hard to come by...I just took the little tank shopping for sweat pants for the fall and winter. He doesn't fit into jeans, and has to wear size 2T shorts to get them over his thighs. I have a feeling knits are going to be the only thing that work once the weather starts changing. The shirt he has on in the pictures is 24 months, redonk.

He has hair now, and occasionally it's curly! And his eyelashes just don't quit.
And look! Two teeth! First came through the first (p), and the second the 9th (o).
He knows his name, and the meaning of the word no. But is just like his older brother, in that he will wiggle and roll across the room to find electrical cords.
Love you, Nedlet!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Neighborhood Buddies

Kindergarten has helped us meet lots of new little buddies in the neighborhood, makes my social loving heart happy. This past week Otto's buddy, Oliver, walked home with us in the afternoons and hung out for a few hours until his Mom got home. 
Oliver is a cheerful little guy, and he doesn't mind talking about his school day...unlike his friend Otto, who's pretty tight lipped about what happens at school. I loved having him fill us in! 
Oliver's little brother, Ethan, got to play with Ned while the big boys were at school! Meri LOVED having two babies, and she was such a help. 
Ethan is a sweetie, and is busy and so strong. He can do a full sit up. Ned is two months older and can barely keep up with him. I predict they walk at the same time.
Super Ethan!
Morning walk to school
After school party!
So glad for sweet friends just down the street!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heart Walk 2015

It's heart walk time! The exclamation point might be overkill...I was kinda dreading it. There are lots of people, and I have lots of kids, loosing a child would be way too easy. The weather is generally WARM, and it's a full day event. But this was the first year that the weather was not only tolerable, it was pretty perfect. High of 82 is where it's at, you guys. The kids were thrilled to get to play on the bounce houses, and the super hero theme was right up their alley.
 We ran into the Tovar's, can't wait to meet their little girl!
 Favorite toy this year: Otto actually did rolling flips while Chris propelled it down the track.
Meri was a little more tame, she insisted that Daddy hold her while inside the ball.

Friday, September 11, 2015

MOPS Kickoff

First MOPS meeting of the year was a success! Other than Meri refusing to go to the children's wing (per typical) and prancing around the adult meeting like she owned the place, everything ran smoothly. Lots of new faces this year, very excited for a all the upcoming events!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Babies

I love these three. Most ridiculous, sweet, and perfect babies around.