Saturday, August 22, 2015

Baby Ned: Seven Months

A late seven month post for the Nedlet. Poor guy was down with his first stomach bug on his seven month birthday:( Sick babies are the saddest thing. He's doing much better now, thankfully.
He has discovered mobility in the past month, much stronger overall. He sits like a champ and only nose dives when he lungs toward something he wants. Minimal fear in this one. He scoots on his bottom, bunny hop style, and can move several feet if given enough time. Rolling is still his preferred method of travel.
Because of all these new skills, and this nasty stomach bug, he only gained 5 ounces in the last month. *sniff, sniff* I think he has reached his maximum chubby, and we have begun the slim down process.
This month, he took his first road trip (Memphis, TN), started eating three meals a day in addition to nursing, and went to his first wedding (Sam and Stuart!). He is still toothless, but is working really hard on getting a mouthful. He still prefers to be spoon fed, not quite mastering the pincher grasp, but very good at getting things in his mouth, a fistful at a time.

And we have a little hair now! Excited to see what the front decides to do when it gets a little longer.
Happy seven months, sweet little man!

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