Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School

Big changes happening in the Weldy house. Otto started kindergarten! 

We are so excited for him, school is such big deal and I know he is up for the challenge. Our elementary school has been so great at humoring first time parents and had two different events for the kids to get acquainted with their new teacher before classes began. Otto sadly missed Meet the Teacher night because of that silly stomach bug that all the kids caught, but we got to meet Mrs McDonald at the park two nights later. She has 30 years of experience and seems like a fantastic lady. 
 Ready to go bright and EARLY the first day!
A Panther for now, but an Aggie for life.
We walk to school, which is fun and avoiding the car line is a perk. Chris walked with us the first morning, and helped Otto settle into his classroom. He walked into his class and was immediately captivated by this tape player, "Woah. What. is. this??"
And then he saw the computers.  
 He found his locker, the homework bin, and his desk.  
He had a great first day, and says they only play, not learn. Excited for a great year!

(And Chris also started school today, after finishing his Master's this past May, he is starting his PhD at Baylor, go Chris! I'm going to have to stop trash talking the Bears I guess. NOT wearing green and gold though.)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Memphis, Tennessee

We spent the last week of our summer on a mini vacation, and Ned's first road trip, in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Tennessee is a state none of us had visited yet, and only a seven hour drive, so we loaded up and off we went! 
We stayed in a rental, a loft apartment just a couple of blocks away from Beale Street that had a view of the Mississippi River.  Fun to stay in a downtown and there was a full kitchen. 
Memphis has so much potential to be an amazing city. Water, history, iconic celebrity, and great food. But it needs a new industry and revitalization. It was sad to see beautiful homes falling to disrepair and some of the neighborhoods mere blocks from where we were staying were downright scary.  

Some of our favorites from the trip: 
Mud Island River Park

The chase scene from the movie The Firm were shot on the bridge leading to the island. And the island itself was very kid friendly and educational. 
There is a five city block water feature that is a replica of the Mississippi river, showing it's origination and path that it flows to the ocean. 
The kids loved it. They wore their swimsuits and made an adventure out of it. 
One evening we walked over to a flat fountain for the kids to play. Meri and Ned crashed on the walk, so Otto enjoyed it by himself. 
And we venture to Beale Street one evening for dinner. Otto doesn't quite get 'pose like Elvis', but Chris sure does! I'm saving those pictures in case I ever need blackmail. 
Beale Street is full of bars and partiers, live music streaming from every restaurant. Our kids fit right in, full out dancing in the street. 
We did some window shopping at the Gibson factory. 
And browsed through the gigantic pyramid shaped Bass Pro.  
 Shelby Farms Park was really fun for the kids too. Awesome playground with non tractional equipment and walking paths covered in vines.  
 Random Ned picture, because he's cute. 
Memphis does get points for food. The Commissary in Germantown, the Little Tea Shop and Dejavu downtown were all wonderful. 
Across the street from our apartment was a fire station, it might have been the highlight of the trip for the kids. We were waiting for Chris to pull the car around one morning and a fireman on duty let the bigs climb all over a truck and gave them fire hats. 
Fire man is now Meredith's second occupation choice, right behind train engineer. 
Traveling with kids isn't a vacation, it's a trip. Exhausting, but I'm glad we went. Always fun to see new places, and I love being with my peeps. 
Sadly, the car ride home was LONG thanks to a yucky stomach bug that hit the kids. We made it though and are looking forward to school starting next week for our big kid! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Baby Ned: Seven Months

A late seven month post for the Nedlet. Poor guy was down with his first stomach bug on his seven month birthday:( Sick babies are the saddest thing. He's doing much better now, thankfully.
He has discovered mobility in the past month, much stronger overall. He sits like a champ and only nose dives when he lungs toward something he wants. Minimal fear in this one. He scoots on his bottom, bunny hop style, and can move several feet if given enough time. Rolling is still his preferred method of travel.
Because of all these new skills, and this nasty stomach bug, he only gained 5 ounces in the last month. *sniff, sniff* I think he has reached his maximum chubby, and we have begun the slim down process.
This month, he took his first road trip (Memphis, TN), started eating three meals a day in addition to nursing, and went to his first wedding (Sam and Stuart!). He is still toothless, but is working really hard on getting a mouthful. He still prefers to be spoon fed, not quite mastering the pincher grasp, but very good at getting things in his mouth, a fistful at a time.

And we have a little hair now! Excited to see what the front decides to do when it gets a little longer.
Happy seven months, sweet little man!