Friday, July 3, 2015

Swim Lessons

The big kids have spent the last two weeks taking swim lesson's from Mrs. Pam, Otto's preschool teacher last year. They were beyond excited, thrilled that she had invited them to swim in her pool. 
I was concerned that Meri would be a little timid and not be comfortable in a class setting where I wasn't able to be with her...nope. I'm pretty much chopped liver when Mrs. Pam is around. Next year, we will be driving all the way across town so Meri can be in Mrs. Pam's preschool class, simply because I will be much calmer driving away knowing she is having the time over her life and being loved.
Meri talks a BIG game about how well she did in lesson's, "I did so great! I WENT OFF THE DIVING BOARD!!"
And she did do a great job, built so much confidence and had a wonderful time. Learn to freestyle across the pool? Not so much, but that will come eventually. Also, that little belly.
First time off the board!
Otto really impressed me. He is swimming across the pool now, with pretty great form. Huge help to already have an established teacher relationship before lessons started.
He can float!
Crazy man, going off the board.
If you are a local and need a swim teacher, Pam is the best! They made so much more progress than I expected, and I taught swim lesson to pay the rent in college. As far as teacher's go, she's got what it takes.

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