Saturday, July 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Otto!

In just one week, Otto turns five. Because the next two weekends are filled with family wedding activities, we celebrated early. Otto has been using this to his advantage and telling everyone that will listen that he's five now, and therefore can watch grownup shows and can use knives--ha! Don't think so kid.
He has been planning his 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' party for 364 days of the last year. He invited so many random people, I'm surprised the grocery store manager and the mail lady didn't show up to join the fun.

Several of his buddies did come, and he happily met them at the door waving his sword and yelling "Argh!"

We had a treasure hunt, where it was very, very important that X mark the spot. They followed their map and quickly found the hidden loot.
And then it was back to the pirate liar to examine their treasure.
Gold doubloons and jewels for all!
And then cake!
To cool down later that afternoon, we hit the neighborhood pool with Abbey, Michael, Lisa, and Addison.
Do we look five years tired? We are.
Happy party day, Otto!

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