Monday, July 20, 2015

Baby Ned: Six Months

 Happy half birthday to Ned!
This boy is just so squishy and delicious. If I could get him to sleep through the night he would be that mythical dream baby, but alas, no one is perfect.
He really took off this month and now has mad skills. He eats like a boss, rolls and squirms around the room, does a pretty darn decent job sitting, and moved from his rock'n'play to his crib in the boys room. Otto is thrilled to have him, but hasn't mastered the be very quiet and still so your little brother can sleep bit yet. Out of the six foods he has tried, butternut squash is his favorite favorite. He lurves it and eating in general. He would rather eat solids than nurse, and the dude loves nursing.

Chris and Otto are his people. He thinks they are hysterical, it's like they already have a little man club established.
His eyelashes also really grew this month, they are now visible! His eyes continue to be hazel, and his is coming in light blonde.
His head is round, almost perfectly so. Aunt Sarah had me measure for a hat, and I got the same measurement no matter what angle; 17 3/4 inches. 
At his six month check up today his stats were:
Weight: 21 pounds 2 ounces 95th percentile
Height: 28 inches 95th percentile
Head: 17 3/4 inches
He officially surpassed Otto's weight at six months, and he started with a 1.5 pound disadvantage! Go Neddy!
(Otto was 20.8 at six months and sweet Meri was a whopping 20.6 at a YEAR.)
And can we just talk about how these pictures were taken after a looonnng day of minimal naps, doctors appointments, vaccinations, and just a tad past his bedtime? He's a pretty fantastic little trooper.

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