Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kitchen Update!

On our initial walk through of the house, we were really impressed with the kitchen and the way it connects to the living and dining rooms. Lots of space and great sight lines, perfect setup for getting things done while entertaining little people. 

While the counter tops were silestone, the cabinets were a middle of the road color and the backsplash clashed with the counters and floors. Great space, fully functional, but starting to feel a little dated. And orange…and you all know I don't do orange. 
Chris and I both blurted out, "Paint it white!", and since we rarely agree on decor decisions, we decided to do just that. 

Now, painting cabinets, it's pretty much for the birds. It takes time, lots of time. Add in the monsoon spring that we have been having and the five coats that we did, and you get epic drying times and two whole weeks to get the job done. Don't tell Chris, but I'd probably do it again. It was much cheaper to do it ourselves, and thanks to my mom and mother-in-law, it did eventually get done. 

We hired out the backsplash, going with a bright white subway tile. Wanna see? Tada!
Yes, that's shoddy iPhone photography, taken late at night during a rainstorm to boot.  AND, you better believe there are dishes hiding in that delightfully deep sink. But pretty right? I LOVE it. Such a happy and uplifting place to cook and clean.

Eventually, I'll get the rest of the house put together…but don't hold your breath for pictures, my track record is pretty terrible.

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