Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby Ned: First Food

Ned has been tracking food, chewing as he watches you eat, and lunging for snacks for few weeks. He can support himself in a tripod sit and in the last week never seems to be full. We are constantly nursing and he is waking up several times a night to eat. Time to up the boy's calorie intake! 

Tonight we started with some mashed avocado cut with milk. He was ready! 
Otto was horrified that we would force avocado on his brother, "Nooooo! Don't eat it Ned!" Meri however, was thrilled for him to try one of her favorites, "You will wub it Neddy."

And he did!
The texture was debatable though. 
He kept smiling through the gags, I think he desperately wants to be big, but needs a little bit of practice. 

This one, I DIE. I'm sorry the texture wasn't your favorite, Neddy….but you have to admit, this face is hilarious.
Video to prove we weren't actually torturing the child. 

And we spent some time at the neighborhood pool with friends today, first time to swim for Ned! Two big milestones in one day!


  1. Love the pictures - especially the last one trying avocado - hilarious!!