Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby Ned: First Food

Ned has been tracking food, chewing as he watches you eat, and lunging for snacks for few weeks. He can support himself in a tripod sit and in the last week never seems to be full. We are constantly nursing and he is waking up several times a night to eat. Time to up the boy's calorie intake! 

Tonight we started with some mashed avocado cut with milk. He was ready! 
Otto was horrified that we would force avocado on his brother, "Nooooo! Don't eat it Ned!" Meri however, was thrilled for him to try one of her favorites, "You will wub it Neddy."

And he did!
The texture was debatable though. 
He kept smiling through the gags, I think he desperately wants to be big, but needs a little bit of practice. 

This one, I DIE. I'm sorry the texture wasn't your favorite, Neddy….but you have to admit, this face is hilarious.
Video to prove we weren't actually torturing the child. 

And we spent some time at the neighborhood pool with friends today, first time to swim for Ned! Two big milestones in one day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kitchen Update!

On our initial walk through of the house, we were really impressed with the kitchen and the way it connects to the living and dining rooms. Lots of space and great sight lines, perfect setup for getting things done while entertaining little people. 

While the counter tops were silestone, the cabinets were a middle of the road color and the backsplash clashed with the counters and floors. Great space, fully functional, but starting to feel a little dated. And orange…and you all know I don't do orange. 
Chris and I both blurted out, "Paint it white!", and since we rarely agree on decor decisions, we decided to do just that. 

Now, painting cabinets, it's pretty much for the birds. It takes time, lots of time. Add in the monsoon spring that we have been having and the five coats that we did, and you get epic drying times and two whole weeks to get the job done. Don't tell Chris, but I'd probably do it again. It was much cheaper to do it ourselves, and thanks to my mom and mother-in-law, it did eventually get done. 

We hired out the backsplash, going with a bright white subway tile. Wanna see? Tada!
Yes, that's shoddy iPhone photography, taken late at night during a rainstorm to boot.  AND, you better believe there are dishes hiding in that delightfully deep sink. But pretty right? I LOVE it. Such a happy and uplifting place to cook and clean.

Eventually, I'll get the rest of the house put together…but don't hold your breath for pictures, my track record is pretty terrible.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to one of the best! He gets bonus points for tolerating pictures before caffeine or a shower. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baby Ned: Five Months Old

Documenting Ned turning five months old by the skin of my teeth. Right at bed time I realized that we hadn't taken month day pictures, eek! Thankfully it was still a touch light outside so we flew out the door armed with the camera, but of course, naked. Sorry my sweet third baby, I am trying but it just doesn't show.
This past month, Mr Edison checked off quite a few milestones. He started rolling over, back to front, then a few days later, front to back. He now talks up a storm and loves playing with his feet. He stayed with a sitter (Minky) while Mommy worked, and flew in a plane to Boston. And when I came down with a lovely case of shingles, he tried some formula to supplement his meals. It wasn't love, but he was a good sport and drank it anyway. 
 Still no teeth, but the boy loves to chew. He is an expert at getting things to his mouth where he tries to gum them to death.
When you eat in his presence he watches like a hawk and chews right along. I think solids are in the near future.
He loves his Mommy, but Otto and Daddy are favorite. Any time he hears Chris's voice he will scan the room looking for him, and will even interrupt a meal to smile at his Dad.

I feel that we have reached the peak of plumpness:( He has developed neck muscles and is really starting to move…I'm trying to be okay with this, but you better believe his first food will be avocado.
He continues to be a very happy guy, going right along with whatever we're doing. Napping has become a touch of a struggle since returning from our trip, he now prefers to be held while falling asleep…total bummer I tell you. Having to cuddle a squishy, sleepy baby is one of the harder things in life.  
We love LOVE you Ned.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Abbey Graduates!

The last Giles graduated from high school! My parents were subtle with the high fives and fist bumps, but I think they're pretty happy to have checked that milestone off the list. Now just a couple more through college and they can be really done with the education side of child rearing.

It was warm and kinda boring (sorry Abbey) waiting for the graduates to file in so we entertained ourselves with pictures.
Sam and Mom

Dad, Michael, and Meri
Ned thought it would be fun to have a blowout, and the poor child was out of backup outfits, so pants less it was! Good thing his thighs are so cute.
Photobombing Uncle Sam!

Michael and Israel
My younger brother's wingspan is ridiculous.
 She did it! Abbey is the first in our family to graduate from the public high school in town, girl had to do her own thing. (What, you didn't know I was homeschooled?)
 Now for real life to begin!
 With our baby:)
 Abbey and her biggest fans.
We are very proud of you, Abbey! Remember, if you go to college in DFW you can live with us rent free!*

*Some babysitting required.