Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Surprise! That's right, we moved AGAIN. 

But this time it's a more permanent situation, this house belongs to us! Woohoo! You can wheel me out when this life is all said and done, no more moving please and thank you. 
Let's talk about the house for a second. It has a flat (FLAT!) driveway and beautiful landscaping that we are going to try our best to maintain. A playroom for the kids and an office for me, and the back yard opens to a green space.

These two have been loving riding their bikes, finally a driveway were that is possible!
Our new little town is big city adjacent, but has great schools and an easy commute for Chris. And you guys, it really is a small town. Check it:
I hope she said yes.

Shortly after buying the house we got just a tad crazy and decided to update the kitchen. Painting cabinets with three little kids in tow? Not the quickest thing we've ever done.
Also, exhausting.
But it did happen! Pictures to come, possibly in the next year;)

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