Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pre School Graduation and Last Day of School

Preschool is over and we are Kindergarten bound! Otto's class had the most adorable graduation tonight and yes, I might have cried a little. Babies growing up is just so sad!
He was NOT happy about graduating. Leaving Mrs. Pam behind really made the poor guy sad; we love Mrs Pam. Crazy nut pouted the entire ceremony and practically stomped across the stage for his diploma.
But thankfully we will see her in a few weeks for swimming lessons!
Last day of school with Mrs Pam. Otto is really going to miss her, but we are looking forward to swimming lessons at her house in a few weeks!

We are so grateful for Mrs. Pam, she was such a positive influence on Otto this year. Fingers crossed we someone like her next fall!

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