Thursday, May 7, 2015

Meri Turns THREE

Our sweet, adorable, and darling Meri turned three just three short days after we moved into the new house. Nothing like a deadline to make you get things done! My mom and mother-in-law get major props for making it happen, they both were such amazing help. (Cabinet doors were rehung in the wee hours of the morning before the party!)
And Mrs Jeanne was super sweet, she made Meri a special birthday shirt because my embroidery machine was tucked away in a box. Meri loved it!
We hung orange and pink balloons and streamers throughout the house, and Brookshire's came though with a Dora cake. Add a piƱata and you've got a party!
Meri had a wonderful time, and lots of her friends were able to join us in celebrating her big day. 
I got a selfie stick! My kids think it's called a silly stick, hence the faces.

Meri was a touch shy when everyone sang to her, but Otto happily backed her up and helped blow out the candles.
We love you sweet girl! Can't believe you are already such a big, sassy, silly girl!

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