Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baby Ned: Four Months

Neddy Ned is four months old! Sweetest baby around; he's deliciously chunky, easy going, and a huge flirt. Snuggling this chubby little man is the absolute best.
Don't get me wrong, while I love the chub, Ned would still be a nice guy if he was toothpick sized. He's very easy going, naps on a random schedule around his siblings events cheerfully, eats well, rarely cries, and has completely blurred his father's memory of what more *ahem* demanding babies can be like. Chris actually said the words "Let's just have seven." Ahahahahaha! Sure, I'd take seven, if someone handed them to me...but growing them myself probably won't happen. Pregnant is bad people.
His motto about eating? Never give up. While he's learned to unlatch when full, he keeps trying to nurse, swallowing once before backing off with a look that "I am so full, but look food!" And then he dives back in.

Chris humored me for this picture. But you guys! Babies aren't squishy for long, I needed pictures to prove it. Once they start moving, all this fluff sadly just melts away.
Ned is a totally trooper and just goes with his crazy Mom's ideas. Love those little back wrinkles!
His fingers are ALWAYS in his mouth. I'm sure teething is part of it, but the boy has a great suck reflex and likes to keep something in his mouth at all times. Pacifiers are great, he'll take them, but his thumb is the preferred soother. He is doing really well at grabbing toys and is fascinated with his hands, like, "Whoa, that's a good looking hand.' fascinated.

He loves having his diaper changed, but is completely freaked out by baths. If his ear are covered with water, the poor guys panics. No crying mind you, but his whole body gets stiff and he starts gasping. Otto continues to be his favorite person, and is impatiently waiting for Ned to start sleeping in the boys room…that's coming, I'm just having a hard time realizing that it's time to move Ned to the crib.
Four month stats from his appointment today: 

Height: 26 3/8 inches, 93rd %
Weight: 18 pounds 2 ounces, 93rd %
Head circumference: 16 7/8 inches 84th %

He did wonderfully, but I was so grateful to have Chris with us. I don't handle shot appointments well:(
After the kids appointments, we had lunch at Chickfila, and Ned went all big kid on us and sat in a highchair. 

We are now home recovering from our busy morning, and he's napping in his crib. Because, you know, four months is is pretty much grown up.

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