Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pre School Graduation and Last Day of School

Preschool is over and we are Kindergarten bound! Otto's class had the most adorable graduation tonight and yes, I might have cried a little. Babies growing up is just so sad!
He was NOT happy about graduating. Leaving Mrs. Pam behind really made the poor guy sad; we love Mrs Pam. Crazy nut pouted the entire ceremony and practically stomped across the stage for his diploma.
But thankfully we will see her in a few weeks for swimming lessons!
Last day of school with Mrs Pam. Otto is really going to miss her, but we are looking forward to swimming lessons at her house in a few weeks!

We are so grateful for Mrs. Pam, she was such a positive influence on Otto this year. Fingers crossed we someone like her next fall!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baby Ned: Four Months

Neddy Ned is four months old! Sweetest baby around; he's deliciously chunky, easy going, and a huge flirt. Snuggling this chubby little man is the absolute best.
Don't get me wrong, while I love the chub, Ned would still be a nice guy if he was toothpick sized. He's very easy going, naps on a random schedule around his siblings events cheerfully, eats well, rarely cries, and has completely blurred his father's memory of what more *ahem* demanding babies can be like. Chris actually said the words "Let's just have seven." Ahahahahaha! Sure, I'd take seven, if someone handed them to me...but growing them myself probably won't happen. Pregnant is bad people.
His motto about eating? Never give up. While he's learned to unlatch when full, he keeps trying to nurse, swallowing once before backing off with a look that "I am so full, but look food!" And then he dives back in.

Chris humored me for this picture. But you guys! Babies aren't squishy for long, I needed pictures to prove it. Once they start moving, all this fluff sadly just melts away.
Ned is a totally trooper and just goes with his crazy Mom's ideas. Love those little back wrinkles!
His fingers are ALWAYS in his mouth. I'm sure teething is part of it, but the boy has a great suck reflex and likes to keep something in his mouth at all times. Pacifiers are great, he'll take them, but his thumb is the preferred soother. He is doing really well at grabbing toys and is fascinated with his hands, like, "Whoa, that's a good looking hand.' fascinated.

He loves having his diaper changed, but is completely freaked out by baths. If his ear are covered with water, the poor guys panics. No crying mind you, but his whole body gets stiff and he starts gasping. Otto continues to be his favorite person, and is impatiently waiting for Ned to start sleeping in the boys room…that's coming, I'm just having a hard time realizing that it's time to move Ned to the crib.
Four month stats from his appointment today: 

Height: 26 3/8 inches, 93rd %
Weight: 18 pounds 2 ounces, 93rd %
Head circumference: 16 7/8 inches 84th %

He did wonderfully, but I was so grateful to have Chris with us. I don't handle shot appointments well:(
After the kids appointments, we had lunch at Chickfila, and Ned went all big kid on us and sat in a highchair. 

We are now home recovering from our busy morning, and he's napping in his crib. Because, you know, four months is is pretty much grown up.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Baby Hope's Shower!

My sweet cousin, Beth, is having a baby! You know me, babies are my jam, so my cousin having a darling little girl is just so exciting. Beth is going to be an absolutely fantastic mom.
Beth and Hope Elizabeth!
The shower was held at the church Beth grew up attending, First Baptist Dallas, and it was lovely.
All the Worthington ladies, little Hope included!
Josh and Leah brought Judah! It was so fun to meet him, he is a sweetheart.
Ned and Judah are 5 1/2 weeks apart, Jude arrived right before Christmas, and Ned shortly after.
My Aunt Becky,  cousin Josh, and the boys.
Meredith also came with me, she loved the delicious brunch that was served. Beth's sister-in-law and mother-in-law did a beautiful job setting up for the party.
Ned cat napped during present opening, but once Meri saw that cute outfits and shoes (!!!) were involved she trotted up to the front of the room to help.
Beth and RJ, we are so excited for you! Babies are wonderful, and little girls are so fun. You guys are going to be wonderful parents, can not wait to meet your sweet girl!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Big Boy Bed

Ned's rock'n'play needs a good scrub down, so for nap time today we tried out the crib.

Sweet baby fell right to sleep like it's no big deal, but you guys, it's SUCH a big deal. Why do they have to get big so fast?? I can't handle it! 
Otto is crazy pumped about finally having his brother in his room...and he might just have to deal with Mommy moving in too, because I'm not ready for the tiny baby stage to be over. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Chris Weldy, MS

We lead a pretty busy life; three kids, trips, job changes, and moving on what seems to be a yearly basis. That should be enough, right? Well, Chris really likes a challenge and for the past several years, he has been taking distance classes at Georgia Tech, working towards a Master's in Engineering. Late nights, exams, crazy projects, he's done it all with a smile and still managed to be a wonderful Dad to our little people. 

And look what just arrived in the mail! He did it! 
We are so proud of Chris! He loves to do things the absolute hardest way possible, but seems to thrive on the difficulties and always excels. Way to make it look easy, Chris, now on to the PhD? ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Meri Turns THREE

Our sweet, adorable, and darling Meri turned three just three short days after we moved into the new house. Nothing like a deadline to make you get things done! My mom and mother-in-law get major props for making it happen, they both were such amazing help. (Cabinet doors were rehung in the wee hours of the morning before the party!)
And Mrs Jeanne was super sweet, she made Meri a special birthday shirt because my embroidery machine was tucked away in a box. Meri loved it!
We hung orange and pink balloons and streamers throughout the house, and Brookshire's came though with a Dora cake. Add a piƱata and you've got a party!
Meri had a wonderful time, and lots of her friends were able to join us in celebrating her big day. 
I got a selfie stick! My kids think it's called a silly stick, hence the faces.

Meri was a touch shy when everyone sang to her, but Otto happily backed her up and helped blow out the candles.
We love you sweet girl! Can't believe you are already such a big, sassy, silly girl!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Surprise! That's right, we moved AGAIN. 

But this time it's a more permanent situation, this house belongs to us! Woohoo! You can wheel me out when this life is all said and done, no more moving please and thank you. 
Let's talk about the house for a second. It has a flat (FLAT!) driveway and beautiful landscaping that we are going to try our best to maintain. A playroom for the kids and an office for me, and the back yard opens to a green space.

These two have been loving riding their bikes, finally a driveway were that is possible!
Our new little town is big city adjacent, but has great schools and an easy commute for Chris. And you guys, it really is a small town. Check it:
I hope she said yes.

Shortly after buying the house we got just a tad crazy and decided to update the kitchen. Painting cabinets with three little kids in tow? Not the quickest thing we've ever done.
Also, exhausting.
But it did happen! Pictures to come, possibly in the next year;)