Monday, April 20, 2015

Ned: Three Months Old

Our beautiful round little boy is THREE months old today! 

He is growing oh so quickly. Let's stop for a second and cry over the fact that this teeny little one week old shrimp...
…is now this darling plump little man.
This month has brought lots of new fun. His hands are in his mouth almost constantly, I think he will be a early teether like his bother.
He has such a chill personality, and while he does smile quite a bit, he is just a tad suspicious of giant cameras.

He is figuring out his arms and legs, they seem to be in constant motion during floor playtime and while we nurse.
And while he is quite accomplished a wiggling on his back, when you flip him to his stomach for tummy time his face can't quite make it off the ground. Poor guy pretty much gets a mouthful of lint when we practice:-/
His best buddy Otto called me out while taking these pictures, "MOM. He doesn't like that, why aren't you helping him??!" (Ned wasn't even crying, just grunting in frustration and frog kicking forward with his feet.) I know that Ned appreciates Otto's concern. Otto is his FAVORITE person by far. It is absolutely adorable to watch Ned light up when Otto climbs into the car after school.

This afternoon we stopped at the new house (oops, forgot to blog about that…it's coming) to do a little painting, and tried a few more pictures. As Sarah says, I spray and pray. If I take enough, some are bound to be half way decent, right?
This guy sleeps pretty well at night, waking 1-2 times to eat, but giving me at least a five hour stretch. His record is 8.5 hours, but he made up for it the next night waking five times. Naps are pretty great too, pacifier, white noise, with his arms pinned down and out he goes.  We nurse 10ish times a day, and I'm guessing he's roughly 17 pounds. He likes to eat, obviously, and even when he's full he just can't bring himself to unlatch. When he starts fussing and frantically squirming it's my cue that he's ready to stop.
His siblings adore him. Constantly checking on him, lecturing me on better ways to take care of him, and creating elaborate plans for the future. I love that they love him so much.
 He rarely cries, only fussing when he is overly tired. He is really a delightful little guy.
We also tried a little more tummy time. Again, face full of (freshly cleaned) carpet.
But look! He did it! Poor kid was red faced and out of breath, but he did it.
You're a pretty awesome dude, Nedlet. We love you!


  1. Ned is a nice addition !!!!
    Love the way Meri calls him "Neddie" and how all hearts have knitted him in !
    Minky & MG are certainly crazy about him!