Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

We took a quick trip to East Texas this past weekend, lots of fun playing outside and getting dirty.

On Friday, Addison joined us and the big kids had a blast playing together. Abbey is the BEST with them and spent their quiet time hiding Easter eggs in the yard.
Otto thinks that Easter is 'a really long holiday', this was the third egg hunt and definitely the most successful, everyone found a golden egg! (SO important to Otto)
My family thinks it's hilarious that Ned's cute little (okay, big) head sits directly on his chest, poor boy doesn't have much in the way of neck muscles quite yet. Abbey, Sam, and Hannah are all guilty of taking mocking pictures…and when the first two volunteered to pose, you bet I took them up on it. Ned will be able to hold his head up someday, but these pictures will last forever!

Exhibit A: A for Abbey
This one is my favorite, Stuart you are one lucky, lucky woman. Would you like a copy for the wedding slide show?
We do love you Uncle Sam, you are very fun.
Chris had a great time too. Michael taught him how to ride his unicycle…kinda.
He succeeded after some practice, making it all the way down the drive!

We also took selfies, cause you know, its a thing. And my with new lens they are actually kinda possible. 

Abbey is a tad better at selfies than Chris and I.
And Michael takes it to another level, his wingspan is crazy impressive.
Ned thinks we are all ridiculous. Selfies aren't his thing.
And on Saturday afternoon, we took a trip to the American Legion for outdoor time and to fish.
Otto caught his first fish!
We came home Saturday night and made it to church this morning, great weekend!

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