Monday, March 23, 2015

Two Months with the Nedlet!

Our chunky little man is two months old! 

He is at a perfectly yummy stage. He eats well, is starting to sleep longer stretches (6.5 hours!!), lights up when one of his people comes into view, and can't move from where you lay him.

He's a little suspicious of the camera. 
Ned has started reaching for things, but has only been successful at grabbing the picture frames hung above his changing table. He's smiling and talking more, and let out one adorable chuckle when I was singing "I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky." to him. 
 The cheek chub continues to slay me, they are taking over in the best possible way.
He's pretty much the center of attention at our house. 
But he and Otto haven't figured out how to take a group picture.
How could you not love this face? He is such a sweet, chill big guy.
Stats from his two month appointment today.

Height: 24 1/4 inches
Weight: 14 pounds and 4 ounces

Otto: Is loving having a little brother. He really might be Ned's favorite, anytime Otto is near Ned lights up. In the car, Otto is a great helper keeping Ned calm and takes great pride in being able to get Ned to sleep.
Meredith: Loves her baby, "He weally woves me, Mommy! Baby Ned wikes me!" Her favorite thing about Ned are his thumbs, and she is constantly trying to force feed him his pacifier. (She just stopped using her's!)
We love you baby Ned! Thanks for being cool with our particular brand of crazy and being able to nap like a champ, even though it's never quiet.

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