Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Winter Weather

The past week has been full of cold, wet weather. First there was ice, and after that melted we got two rounds of snow! It started snowing in the morning about eight, and by lunch there was three inches on the ground. Of course we had to go outside to play and take pictures. 
Otto LOVED it. Meri lasted about five minutes before requesting to go inside and have a popsicle.

Ned stayed inside where it was nice and warm. Chris went into work before it started falling and was trapped in Fort Worth for the better part of the day. I wasn't going to attempt first snow pictures without a second set of hands, so here you go baby Ned, this is what you looked like during your first snow experience.

 Otto stayed outside for a solid 40 minutes after we girls gave up and came in. We watch him tramp around from the warmth of the sun room.

We are likely getting more ice and possible snow this evening, so the kids and I are having an at home day. Lots of movies, toy time, and pretzel making happening over here.

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