Monday, March 30, 2015

Family and Friends Easter Fun!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and it was made even better because we got to have an early Easter celebration with some of our favorite people! 

Nana, Papa, and Addy joined us for church. 
And the Stepp's and Thomas' joined us for lunch and an egg hunt afterwards!
Angela, Stephen, Michael, and Justin
Levi, Emily, Sarah, and Jeanne
Ready to hunt eggs!
I love the age group we have now, so many fun things to do with them!
Out of all the prizes and candy, I think the faux mustaches and ring pops were the biggest hits.
Sweet Sarah!
Addison! Otto and Meri had THE BEST time playing with Addy. Bedtime was easy last night, they were exhausting from going ninety miles an hour all afternoon.
 I love these two to pieces.
 Little Miss Emily:)
Michael and Ned sat out the egg hunt, catching a cat nap inside while the older kids played outside. But they both woke up happy and smiling! Next year these two will be ready to join the big kids!
Put side by side, they are about the same size, but Michael definitely has more head control. Poor Ned is still neckless. Just two months apart in age, these guys are going to be great friends in the future.
Nana and Papa with all their grand babies! Six kids all five and under!
Happy early Easter! (We took about 15 photos and this was, believe it or not, the least silly face Otto made.)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Two Months with the Nedlet!

Our chunky little man is two months old! 

He is at a perfectly yummy stage. He eats well, is starting to sleep longer stretches (6.5 hours!!), lights up when one of his people comes into view, and can't move from where you lay him.

He's a little suspicious of the camera. 
Ned has started reaching for things, but has only been successful at grabbing the picture frames hung above his changing table. He's smiling and talking more, and let out one adorable chuckle when I was singing "I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky." to him. 
 The cheek chub continues to slay me, they are taking over in the best possible way.
He's pretty much the center of attention at our house. 
But he and Otto haven't figured out how to take a group picture.
How could you not love this face? He is such a sweet, chill big guy.
Stats from his two month appointment today.

Height: 24 1/4 inches
Weight: 14 pounds and 4 ounces

Otto: Is loving having a little brother. He really might be Ned's favorite, anytime Otto is near Ned lights up. In the car, Otto is a great helper keeping Ned calm and takes great pride in being able to get Ned to sleep.
Meredith: Loves her baby, "He weally woves me, Mommy! Baby Ned wikes me!" Her favorite thing about Ned are his thumbs, and she is constantly trying to force feed him his pacifier. (She just stopped using her's!)
We love you baby Ned! Thanks for being cool with our particular brand of crazy and being able to nap like a champ, even though it's never quiet.

Friday, March 13, 2015


We put Edison in real pants today. He's outgrown all his sweat pants, and it was a dreary day, layers were a must. This pair of overalls were inherited from Otto, it's fun to see them in the same outfit. Ned definitely looks like his older brother, but has Otto majorly beat in the cheek department.
His cheeks take over his face a bit when he smiles:) 
We are big fans of this happy little guy, who wouldn't be??

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Winter Weather

The past week has been full of cold, wet weather. First there was ice, and after that melted we got two rounds of snow! It started snowing in the morning about eight, and by lunch there was three inches on the ground. Of course we had to go outside to play and take pictures. 
Otto LOVED it. Meri lasted about five minutes before requesting to go inside and have a popsicle.

Ned stayed inside where it was nice and warm. Chris went into work before it started falling and was trapped in Fort Worth for the better part of the day. I wasn't going to attempt first snow pictures without a second set of hands, so here you go baby Ned, this is what you looked like during your first snow experience.

 Otto stayed outside for a solid 40 minutes after we girls gave up and came in. We watch him tramp around from the warmth of the sun room.

We are likely getting more ice and possible snow this evening, so the kids and I are having an at home day. Lots of movies, toy time, and pretzel making happening over here.