Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Documenting Ned

I did a terrible job documenting Ned's pregnancy, but I am GOING TO DO BETTER now that he is here. Because having three kids is totally less complicated than simply having two and growing the third, right? Don't answer that.

Here we go, a few firsts for Edison!

At exactly one week his umbilical cord fell off. Such a cute little belly button! Also, a week?? This boy seems to like doing things quickly, both his siblings cords took twice as long.
Then it was time for a bath! He tolerated it well, which is great…the boy is a spitter, bathes will be happening often.
 Poor Ned, his mother is a tad crazy. I was worried about his weight gain so we took him to the post office after hours and borrowed their scale. 8 lbs and 3 ozs, growing so fast!
 Another first, his first item with his name on it! He now has several…again, his mother is a little nuts.
His first trip with just Mom and both sibling was to the dreaded second pku appointment. NOT fun, but he did terrifically, only crying for a second.  His older siblings were a tad bit of a mess however. Otto tried to convince the lab technician that he was 16…which he might pulled off if Meredith hadn't chimed in "I'm 16 too! I can drive!". Ha! Not for YEARS little girl.
 And last Sunday we finally broke out of the house for something other than a doctor's appointment. Germs are everywhere and we do not want them, so we took a trip the park for fresh air and sunshine, but avoided all the people. Ned and I sat in the shade while the bigs and Chris explored the shoreline.

 And yesterday, this cutie turned three weeks old! Fastest three weeks of my life for sure!


  1. When I find out what I'm having can I just pay & mail you everything to monogram!!

    1. I already have plans! ;) Can't wait to find out what you are having!!