Monday, February 23, 2015

Baby Ned: One Month

Edison is one month old! 
It's hard to believe that this little orange one week old, has transformed into a squishy stud muffin. 
The Nedlet has packed on about three pounds if the scale we are borrowing is correct. Sadly, I haven't lost a bit--drat! But that's okay, hopefully it comes off eventually and meanwhile, I'll just snuggle this deliciously solid one month old. *sniff sniff*
Ned, obviously, loves to eat. He's also a big fan of sleeping. His current record is a four hour stretch, because hello, eating. In the last few days he has started to wake up a little bit more, and yesterday he smiled at me (buttering up the food source, good call buddy) for the first time!
He's not a huge fan of being swaddled, only tolerating it for the warmth. His hands are buddies, and need to either be touching each other, or holding on to Mommy. 
White noise is his kryptonite, and the Rain Rain app combined with the yoga ball for bouncing are a lifesaver at night. 
Overall, he is a very calm guy. He doesn't complain about the constant background noise provided by his older siblings, and goes with the flow when his rest is interrupted by errands or school pickup. The car seat isn't his friend however, his little hands can't touch! 

On his one month birth-a-versary, we were in East Texas for Addison's fifth birthday party. Ned got to meet his Uncle Israel and Uncle Sam!
Sam was totally okay with me posting this silly picture, because look! A tiny smile from Ned!
Edison also got to meet his Nana and Great Nana. Our little guy really has his grandparents wrapped around his little finger, and rightly so, he's pretty perfect. 
We love you, Ned! 

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