Thursday, February 26, 2015

Baby Ned: One Month Stats

Meri and I took Edison to his one month appointment today. (Five weeks, two days but y'all it was the weather's fault. I promise.)

The delayed appointment actually worked out in our favor. Otto's one month visit occurred at five weeks, one day, and being the competitive family that we are, Ned and I have been working hard at beating Otto's initial weight gain. It's healthy to encourage your children to compete with each other, right? (Meredith doesn't get to get in on this fight, she was a shrimp.)
Ned's 'Bring it' face
Well, this plump little man weighed in at 11 pounds and 13 ounces! Just two ounces shy of the 11 pounds 15 ounces that his older brother hit. BUT, let's all remember that Ned started out a pound and five ounces smaller than Otto. Woohoo, I'm calling it a win!

Shout out the the chunky monkey Nedster for packing on FOUR pounds and seven ounces in just a few short weeks. That's over half his original weight! I haven't lost a single stinking ounce, but we're not here to talk about me.
 He's downright delicious.

His measurement's for my record keeping.
Head: 15 1/2 inches (1/2 inch bigger than his sister's, who know's what Otto's was I DIDN'T WRITE IT DOWN! First kid and everything, no excuse.)
Height: 22 1/4 inches 69th percentile (two whole inches shorter than Otto, and 1/4 inch shorter than Meri.)
Weight: 11.13 84th percentile

Dr Elliot thought he looked beautiful, and laughed a little at his impressive eating skills.

Sidenote: Meredith did SO well at the appointment! No crying and she even talked to both Joyce, the nurse, and Dr Elliot! This is huge you guys. On the way home she said, "Dr Elliot is such a good friend to baby Ned." Progress, amazing progress.

And tonight we gave Ned a real bath to wash off the doctor's office germs, and really soak those neck creases…the boy collects funk in a major way. The sink baths in front of a space heater just aren't cutting it. Get this, he floats! I tried my best to keep his lower half under the water surface to ward off the cold, but nope! It kept popping right back to the surface! Blubber makes you buoyant;)

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