Friday, January 9, 2015

Third Little Weldy: Thirty-seven Weeks!

First cervical check and GBS test happened this week. (36 weeks, 4 days) My OB laughingly commented that this is the most favorable my cervix has even been at this point. 2.5 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and baby is head down +3 station. With both his siblings I was 1cm and 50% effaced at 36 weeks, and riding high. Apparently, third borns do their own thing. Don't worry Dude, I GET you. 

The Highlights:

How Far Along: Thirty-seven weeks. Holla! Full term little boy, way to go! 
How Big is Baby: Ginormous. Baby Center estimates 6 1/3 pounds and about 19 inches, but we all know they aren't talking about Weldy babies. 
Weight Gain/Loss: Lost a pound this week, still weighing in a pound heavier than when I delivered with this guy's siblings. Stress apparently is useful for something:-/
Maternity clothes: Shirts are too short, and my lower belly is starting to show, down right attractive. I measured my girth today just for kicks, 44.5 inches around. 
Stretch Marks: Still nothing new! 
Sleep: Not the best. Meri is in our room, sometimes in the pack'n'play, sometimes in bed with us, and sleeping with a toddler adds a level of difficulty. But we are glad to do it! She may be there until she goes to college;)
Best Moment of the Week: I made a few things just for baby! Woohoo! He will be wearing more than just hand-me-downs! (Those were washed too.) Just glad to have made it through this week, and last, they have been doozies. 
Movement: Lots of squirming and stretching, and hiccups are pretty common at bedtime.
Symptoms: My back and round ligaments continue to protest, and at night the stiffness really kicks in…Chris made me do yoga this week and it was nice to stretch everything out. He did do it with me, he's not a complete slave driver. 
Food Cravings: Eh. Food is loosing it's charm. I'd really just like a nap, or five.
What I am Looking Forward to: One quiet week. After that he is welcome to come on out…but I'd like a few days of normal routine to knock a few things off the 'Before Baby' list and clean bathrooms before adding a little person to our chaos. 
Meri: Was so sweet to distract us from the baby countdown for the last two weeks. Ha. Ha. just kidding. She's doing great, and has now added to her name choice. O-t-t-o Airplane-Michael, your sister is really excited to meet you!
Otto: Is still concerned there could be two babies in there. In fact, he's been praying that there will be. "God, could you please put a baby in Mommy's back too? The lady didn't check. I want a boy baby AND a girl baby." He asked me the other day, "Mommy, did you know your stomach just keeps getting bigger?" Yes, yes I do. 
Chris: Is fantastic. He loves his kids well, and I love him for it. Tell you what, little guy, you have a really great father. He may not be willing to commit to a name for you before he sees the whites of your eyes, but he's the best in just about everything else. He put your carseat in the car…and while he wanted to take the designer out and shoot them, he didn't. Get ready to ride around town in style!

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  1. I love this post!!! Kids are so funny! And so is Chris! :)