Friday, January 16, 2015

Third Little Weldy: Thirty-eight Weeks

Abbey and Michael are here! Michael goes home tonight, but Abbey is here for the long weekend and I am pumped! Today we went to a play date, napped, AND made seven freezer meals with more planned for tomorrow. I feel like progress will be all kinds of made in the next three days. Or we'll have fun, one or the other. 

The Highlights:

How Far Along: Thirty-eight weeks! Just 12 days shy of when his sister made her appearance and 24 days from Otto's delivery. The count down is on and he has 18 days before eviction papers are served, I really think he'll decide to come out before then…okay, I really HOPE. 
How Big is Baby: 6.8 pounds (ha!) and 19 1/2 inches. I'm thinking seven and a half at this point. 
Weight Gain/Loss: Totally gained that measly pound I lost back…and a couple of his friends. Large and in charge. My face is really getting round, a sure sign that the end is near. 
Sleep: Yeah, no. General restlessness, needing to roll over, potty breaks,, lots of interruptions and not much rest. BUT I do nap for thirty minutes most afternoons while practically sitting on Otto on the couch (he's watching cartoons and doesn't generally notice I have him pinned), and those naps are lovely. 
Best Moment of the Week: Having family come to visit! Two of my Uncles stopped in for a surprise visit yesterday, and now my siblings are here with the promise of my Mom coming for the night on Sunday. 
Movement: He's still in there. His movements are limited because he's really running out of space, but he does his best to shake things up throughout the day. He gets a little feisty when my round ligament cramps up, which in turn makes me text Chris things like, "I'll take an epidural now and I'd like to keep it until birth." 
Symptoms: Getting really achy at night now and there's definitely an 'oh woe is me' attitude hanging around. I'm kinda a grumpy sad mess, it's pathetic. I know it, my family knows, but it's not going anywhere until this guy decides to join us. Let's all cry and eat chocolate. 
Food Cravings: Radishes and ice. Both crunchy and cool. 
What I am Looking Forward to: Sending items flying off my to-do list this weekend. Abbey is a great encourager, and the kids LOVE having her here.  
Meri: Is doing well, she kept the drama to a minimum this week, only getting her hand caught in an elevator door once. (Yes, yes she did. Looks can be deceiving, that girl definitely has a little crazy in her. I'm aging rapidly from it.)
Otto: "Hey Mom, how's that baby going to get out? Are you just going to POP?" I'd just give him a brief walk through of how things kinda sorta go down, but the poor guy has been a little queasy lately about all things medical. He can't even think about the stitches in Meri's face without turning a green, so I'm sure learning about birth would scar him for life. 
Chris: Won't even guess when this guy will make an appearance or his size. I think he's realizing how close we are and is just a touch flabbergasted by how little time, if any, that we have left. 

Here's a current mug shot. Can I be done? PLEASE.

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