Friday, January 23, 2015

First Pediatric Checkup

Edison has type A blood, and I have O, which makes it a little more difficult for him to process any leftover blood cells that I may have shared with him. With this increased risk for jaundice, we took him to meet Dr Elliot when he was three days old just to be sure his bilirubin levels were staying low. 

Contrary to this picture, he liked Dr Elliot and was very relaxed during his exam. He also peed on all the things, including me, while being weighed. Poor Joyce had to break out the mop because he did such a good job making a mess. They thought he looked great, and were very pleased with how well he was eating and thus keeping his bilirubin levels down.
 He weighed 7lbs 1.5oz, but he had THREE dirty diapers right before weighing in…all the time went spent the night before putting in the work didn't even get to be measured!
As a preventative, we were encouraged to really watch his feeds and keep him eating. Well, Baby Ned isn't a slacker in that department and he took the good doctor seriously. We walked out of the office nursing.
That is a benefit of being on kiddo number three…you have no shame and will nurse anywhere, even while taking selfies;)

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