Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coming Home & Meeting His Siblings!

We got to go home today! After 36 pretty sleepless hours in the hospital, we were ready to say the least. 

Obligatory pictures with Mom and Dad, dressed and ready to go home! 
Tiny little guy taking a cat nap while we waited for discharge papers to come through.
Ned put on his 'HOWDY' hat for the chilly weather outside. You have to have a little A&M to start out with…we don't want our kids to get the wrong idea about where they will be going to school!
He did great on the ride home, but did have his first blow-out. I was impressed, not even two days old and already making giant messes. He's going to fit in well at our house;)

Otto met us at the door where he had constructed a 'finish line' out of crepe paper. I like the way he thinks, we did it! No more pregnant! Woohoo!
He is just enamored with his brother. When we FaceTimed from the hospital his first reaction was, "My baby came out!!! Is your stomach flat now?"
He has since been telling everyone, "We have a new baby! And we're not babysitting him, we get to keep him FOREVER!" His favorite feature are Edison's "little tiny feet, especially his squishy heels.".

Meri was a little more hesitant, but just as excited.
She is very concerned about how we are caring for Ned, and the first time we sat down to nurse in front of her she demanded that I get the baby a bottle. Breast feeding has really just never been her thing;) She talks to him in a little momma voice complete with baby talk. It's just adorable watching the nurturer in her come out.
Holding 'his' baby for the first time!
Meri got a chance too! (Bandaid for effect, her face is healing wonderfully.)
Baby Ned has had lots of visitors. Hannah and Sarah in the hospital, and my parents with Abbey and Michael after getting home.

My Mom was super sweet and spoiled our big kids while we were at the hospital and for several days after we got home. Thank you Mom!
And while Abbey was here she made sure to take pictures for me;)
Uncle Mike! I predict these two getting along well in the future. Third borns unite!
Aunt Abbey (and Queen Elsa).
Excited to be home as a family of FIVE! Let the fun begin!

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