Saturday, December 6, 2014

Third Little Weldy: Thirty-two Weeks

The Highlights:
How far along: 32 Weeks
How big is baby: 3 3/4 pounds, and about 16.5 inches. 
Weight gain/loss: We've gone from a lot straight to a crap ton. I am HUGE this go around. Nothing seems to slow it down, which is hard on the mental game. I'm six measly pounds away from the final weight I hit with both of this guys siblings, let's hope my body doesn't hit that number and decide it's time to pop out a kid, pretty sure he won't be fully cooked at that point. 
Maternity clothes: I'm outgrowing them. 
Stretch marks: Nothing new, but at the rate I'm expanding there might be some new carnage this time. Eek. 
Sleep: Yeah, that's one that is just terrible. Both kids seem to find reasons to come sleep with us, all silly things, but we totally fall for it. A few nights I've given up and left Chris alone to deal with the spastic sleepers, heading for Otto's bed by myself. Let me tell you, sleeping all alone is heavenly. We may need a bigger bed if the trend of camping in Mom and Dad's room continues. 
Best Moment of the Week: WeeK? Ha! Let's try five weeks. I am really rocking at this updating thing:( We are getting more and more excited about meeting this guy, and actually doing some prep work to make the transition to a family of five a little more smooth. Best moment recently, was coming home and pulling INTO the garage to park! Yay for a weekend of organization!
Movement: Slowing down to pushes and shoves, occasionally he turns and that's a tad painful. Poor guy is running out of room, but still has some serious growing to do. 
Symptoms: Round ligament pain is here, much to my great sadness. It's killer man, and doesn't let up easily. I'm exhausted by the end of the day, but swelling has been minimal which is a blessing. I get stiff easily, but overall am still fairly mobile. 
Food Cravings: Grape tomatoes, and Cabot's cheese. This little guy also loves pizza, but it gives his mother ridiculous heartburn, so he's not allowed to have it until he can chew it himself. 
Gender: Boy! Nameless boy. 
Labor Signs: There have been a few rounds of braxton hicks that were pretty intense, but I managed to drown them with water and rest. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Meeting this guy and learning his personality. 
Daddy: Excited, close to being done with school for the semester, and kindly working on my 'Before Baby' list that I stuck to the fridge. He humors my crazy, and I love him for it. 
Otto: Drags the bouncers, jumperoo, and play mats out daily and assembles them. "Mom, I'm just testing them in case my baby decides to come out today." I think he is more excited for his little brother to get here than he is for Christmas. Still wants to name him Canaan. 
Meredith: Wants to name him Airplane, but only because I told her we can't have two O-t-t-o's. 

And now for a picture of PLUMP Lydia. See that shadow on my neck? Pretty much the equivalent of a neck cankle, whatever those are called. Chant with me, "He will be worth it, he will be worth it." 

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