Friday, December 26, 2014

Third Little Weldy: 35 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: Thirty-five weeks…which means we have a measly 35 days until this guy's due date. How's that for a mental shake-up?? 33 if he takes after Meredith, 45 if he's like his brother. (Not allowed, sorry bud. 41 weeks is all you get, your Mom has problems with another placental abruption.)
How Big is Baby: 5 1/4 pounds, and 18 inches. Being that he's a Weldy, I assume bigger.
Weight Gain/Loss: Weigh in is on Monday, we will see how much damage was done over the holiday. Probably tons. (See what I did there?)
Maternity clothes: Starting to rethink the skinny jeans, they are so hard to get out of and Chris laughs at me!
Stretch Marks: Nothing new.
Sleep: Not happening. Sleep is so broken. Bathroom breaks, rolling over, insomnia, and the past few days, a head cold. I'm telling myself it's warm up for the newborn stage, but it still stinks.
Best Moment of the Week:  Sarah took pictures!!!! Everybody dance! Seriously, my sister is the best.
Movement: He's currently head up…I need him to flip and stay there please! Things are getting tight in there, he has to k-turn to rotate as it is and every day he's getting bigger.
Symptoms: Hello serious braxton hicks. They really kicked it up a notch on Christmas day. I think the head cold was the trigger, but yeowch, talk about pressure. Very similar to a post epidural contraction, no pain, but enough pressure to make your eyes water and cut off your air supply. I'd be just find with stuff like that holding off for a couple of weeks, thank you very much.
Food Cravings: Tomatoes are out, they have started to cause serious instant heart burn. Baby carrots and cucumbers are delicious, I add them to my plate whenever I get pie, because balance.
What I am Looking Forward to: Mentally focusing on, you know, having a BABY in a couple of weeks. I've been focused on the holidays and kinda let that due date sneak up on me, yikes! Sewing for baby needs to happen. Christmas is over, and thus all the crafting energy can shift to focus on our new little guy! He needs a baby quilt, not because I'm any good at making them, but both his siblings have terrifying mommy-made versions and so he needs one as well. Then there's the Aggie coming home outfit, a must as well.
Meri: Buddy, your sister is a hot mess. She got Elsa lipstick for Christmas, please prepare yourself, she will insist on you (and everyone else) wearing some. She's also really into 'Shake it Off' by Taylor Swift, any time it comes on the radio we all must dance. She even had the nerve to tell me she didn't like George Strait, only Taylor. Please do not let her influence your musical choices.
Otto: Has now moved on to Kyle and Gilbert as his name preferences. The Kyle I totally get, Gilbert came from nowhere, but has a nice ring to it for sure.
Chris: Keeps torturing me on the naming department…he tosses out his 'final' pick, then says, but what about… Ugh! I need to monogram all. the. things!

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