Monday, December 22, 2014

Otto and Santa

Y'all. We are blunt parents. If the kidlets want to know how or why, the engineer in Chris comes out and so does the whiteboard.  Maybe we're just too last minute to get it together and build up to each holiday season, but whatever, let's call it a 'factual parenting'. That's a style, right?

I was raised in a home where mythical creatures weren't the norm, my Mom carried homeschooling into the holidays and we learned about how the day originated and the person/deity behind it.  Chris is far to skeptical a person to believe that a jolly, fat man is going to squeeze down the chimney and bring you fantastic things. He was five, I believe, when he asked for a personal computer (in l989? Not going to happen.), pony, and an Aston Martin…just to prove his parents couldn't deliver.

Chris and I just assumed that our house would be the same way, Santa wasn't going to be the focus of Christmas, no biggie. Santa is a fun story that goes along with the real reason for Christmas, Jesus's birth. We have our manger scene out and reenact the Christmas story. There's an advent calendar in the hallway for before bed, and Sunday school teachers have been doing a great job supporting what we have been teaching at home.

Well. We didn't count on having an Otto.

He has been telling for a month that Santa Clause is a real guy. Insisting, in fact. On Christmas Eve, Santa will be coming through the fireplace to bring him a 'scooper toy' (Caterpillar backhoe, don't worry, we got him one.). This is FACT. We just kinda laughed and reminded him that the presents we get are to celebrate Jesus' birthday, and he is so kind he shares with us.

Enter Polar Express day at preschool. We sent our Batman clad kid off for a day of movie watching and treats…and to meet a kindly grandpa who came to school dressed as Santa Clause, much to our boy's delight.
You guys, he came home, hands in the air, doing a victory dance. "Santa is a real person! And he lives in our world!!" There's been no stopping him since. HE is right, WE are wrong, THERE WILL be bonus gifts for him under the tree from a man in a red suit.

Our sweet neighbors hosted a Christmas party last weekend (We accidentally moved to the BEST street.) and hired the most adorable Mr. Clause and Elf.

Otto ate. it. up.
He jumped right up and volunteered to help play jingle bells.
Meri wasn't impressed with the big guy, Daddy had to help her go get her bag of treats.
But Ms. Cookie, his elf assistant? Blew her away. "She has a tandy tane on her head!"
And let's not forget the #thirdlittleweldy and his bathroom selfie taking momma. 34 weeks, two days!

We will see where this goes in the future, but this year we've just decided to go with it. I WILL NOT (someone remind me of that ultimatum next year please) be doing Elf on the Shelf, because I'd run out of ideas on day two, but this year if the kids insist that Santa filled the stockings we're going to let the jolly man have the credit.