Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oh, names.

So. We're having a baby soon, really SOON. And I'm sure he would appreciate a name when he gets here. True to our past pattern, we have plenty of ideas, but no definite yes. Both of his sibling made their appearance before getting a name, and while that might be what happens again, the embroiderer in me NEEDS to know now. Think of everything I could make for him! Help a girl out?

Here are the details:

We are having a boy, due date January 30th.

Dad's name is Christopher Dwayne and mom is Lydia Grace.

Current kids names: We love them, obviously.

Otto Christopher

Meredith Mae

If this baby was a surprise girl, Grace Afton. Although, Mabel Grace is darling to me currently. Grace is my middle name, and a favorite of Chris'. Afton, after the Robert Burns poem turned Nickel Creek song, Sweet Afton--love the uniqueness, and the way it lends a little bit of an edge to the much loved Grace. Mabel is a newer like, I think she would make an adorable sibling to Meredith. Meredith and Mabel. Also goes right back to the century name making a comeback.

We like real names with classic spellings, but nothing in the top ten. We'd like him to be the only kid in his kindergarden class with his moniker, bonus points if he's the only one in the whole school.  Most of the names we are attracted to had their heyday a hundred years ago, and are experiencing a small comeback. Meaning isn't horribly important, but we would like to stay away from names with negative connotations. Family names would be fine, but we aren't looking for one.

Names we have considered:

Louis: I love this as a middle. Newer to our list, but Chris likes it as well. Meaning: renowned warrior

Finnigan: All Chris. I'm not in love with this one at all, it will take some serious persuasion/reasoning for me to agree to this one. Middle spot only. Meaning: fair or white.

Vaughn: Again, this is a middle option. How fun would Arthur Vaughn Weldy be? You can practically see that kid running around in lederhosen at Ockoberfest. Meaning: small.

Arthur: My favorite for a first name. Family name for me, but I knew neither of the gentlemen who originally wore it. Love the way it pairs with Otto, both starting with a vowel and coming from a vintage generation. Chris is on the fence. He has know Arthur's in real life, and they were all 'interesting characters'. Granted, they all went by Art, so he may still come around;) Meaning: bear.

West: Middle potential for Arthur. Small town in Texas, matching Otto, and makes the most darling monogram and initials. AWW!

Gideon: Feels like a first to me. Sweet, but strong. Meaning: hewer; or, having a stump for a hand (Not gonna lie, that's just a bit of a downer for me)

Gus: Adorable, but feels abbreviated. Gus would be the cutest nickname! But to what? Ferguson? August? Augustine? Nothing really snags our attention, and the good ones have been recently taken by a close friend and a cousin.

Leo: Again, feels like a nickname, and while I am SURE this little guy will have a great many nicknames, I need his first name to carry a little more weight. Chris would pair this with Finnigan in a heartbeat. Meaning: Lion. (Can you imagine a kid named, The White Lion Weldy?? Not sure I want to tackle that toddler…)

Edison: Kinda love this one. Again with the vowel first initial matching Otto, has a fun reference to electrical engineering (Chris' profession), it's different but known. He would fit right in with the Hudson's and Aiden's but wouldn't be one. BUT we have a niece named Addison…is it too close? Meredith pronounces them identically. Also, what would you use as a nickname? Nicknames happen in our house and I'm not a fan of Ed or Eddie. Meaning: Son of Edward (My maternal grandfather middle was Edward…close enough?)

Okay, name my baby pretty please.


  1. I don't like Finnigan but I do like just Finn. I will give you Jorge's suggestions, he's full of them
    Olivander, call him Ollie
    Arthur, call him Arty
    Theodore, Theo/Teddy
    (At one point he just started naming presidents, Lyndon, Franklin, Benjamin)

  2. Oooh Edison West!! With my maiden name being Westerbur, Sarah pointed out that West would be a super cute boy middle name for us, I love it!!

  3. Arthur Finnigan is adorable - but "Sonny" would be a cute nickname for Edison.

  4. Arthur is strong and has lots of legend behind it. For similar reasons, I liked Percival & Gawain when we were naming our new addition.

    Gus is great if you use August, Augustin, or Augustine. "Otto and Gus" pairs nicely.

  5. Louis needs clarification. Are you pronouncing it "Lou-ée" from the Old French or "Lew-is" from the Gaelic? Louis is going to be called Louise too often. Lewis is strong like the meaning and gets bonus points for association with Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis!

  6. I love all of them. But, I will admit, that I instantly quoted Pretty Woman with Edison... "Mind if I call you Eddie?" I agree with Becca on West as a middle name... Edison West and Arthur West are my favs! He's almost here!!!