Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Michael Clay

We have a new nephew! Michael Clay showed up a few weeks early, a week before Thanksgiving. Isn't he gorgeous??
He was a big boy, 8 pounds and 10 ounces…more of an Aunt Lydia sized baby, than his petite Momma's.  I am loving the squish! 
We got to meet and snuggle him a week later on Thanksgiving day.  (and also enjoy a feast with his family!) He has dark fuzz all over, and the most darling ears, perfect little guy in every way.
Stephen is doing a great job adjusting to being a big brother, and is so BIG by comparison. He will be two in just a few short weeks, how does that happen so fast?!
New family of four!
Otto thought Michael was very cute and wanted to hold him, but lost interest quickly because, "He's not very good at playing yet, Mom." Meredith was SO impressed however. She wanted to help in any way and was thrilled when he had a dirty diaper she could assist in changing. Let's hope that continues when her little brother gets here!

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