Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 Christmas morning was amazingly quiet at our house this year. Not a peep from either of the kids or their Dad until after 8:45. This roly-poly pregnant lady had time for a relaxing cup of coffee in front of the fire, before starting bacon to rouse the slow pokes.

Meri was first to come stumbling down the hall and immediately headed to check out her stocking. The specially popcorn peaking from the top made her squeal! She happily woke up Otto and Chris so that present opening could commence. And I was happy to let her…those two are difficult to get out of bed, but who can say no to Meredith?

We had a wonderful day, junk food at every meal, and family to love on. My family joined us Christmas Day, and Chris' family spent Christmas Eve with us. Pictures are lacking, but the days were full and fun. We hope you had a beautiful day(s) too!

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