Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oh, names.

So. We're having a baby soon, really SOON. And I'm sure he would appreciate a name when he gets here. True to our past pattern, we have plenty of ideas, but no definite yes. Both of his sibling made their appearance before getting a name, and while that might be what happens again, the embroiderer in me NEEDS to know now. Think of everything I could make for him! Help a girl out?

Here are the details:

We are having a boy, due date January 30th.

Dad's name is Christopher Dwayne and mom is Lydia Grace.

Current kids names: We love them, obviously.

Otto Christopher

Meredith Mae

If this baby was a surprise girl, Grace Afton. Although, Mabel Grace is darling to me currently. Grace is my middle name, and a favorite of Chris'. Afton, after the Robert Burns poem turned Nickel Creek song, Sweet Afton--love the uniqueness, and the way it lends a little bit of an edge to the much loved Grace. Mabel is a newer like, I think she would make an adorable sibling to Meredith. Meredith and Mabel. Also goes right back to the century name making a comeback.

We like real names with classic spellings, but nothing in the top ten. We'd like him to be the only kid in his kindergarden class with his moniker, bonus points if he's the only one in the whole school.  Most of the names we are attracted to had their heyday a hundred years ago, and are experiencing a small comeback. Meaning isn't horribly important, but we would like to stay away from names with negative connotations. Family names would be fine, but we aren't looking for one.

Names we have considered:

Louis: I love this as a middle. Newer to our list, but Chris likes it as well. Meaning: renowned warrior

Finnigan: All Chris. I'm not in love with this one at all, it will take some serious persuasion/reasoning for me to agree to this one. Middle spot only. Meaning: fair or white.

Vaughn: Again, this is a middle option. How fun would Arthur Vaughn Weldy be? You can practically see that kid running around in lederhosen at Ockoberfest. Meaning: small.

Arthur: My favorite for a first name. Family name for me, but I knew neither of the gentlemen who originally wore it. Love the way it pairs with Otto, both starting with a vowel and coming from a vintage generation. Chris is on the fence. He has know Arthur's in real life, and they were all 'interesting characters'. Granted, they all went by Art, so he may still come around;) Meaning: bear.

West: Middle potential for Arthur. Small town in Texas, matching Otto, and makes the most darling monogram and initials. AWW!

Gideon: Feels like a first to me. Sweet, but strong. Meaning: hewer; or, having a stump for a hand (Not gonna lie, that's just a bit of a downer for me)

Gus: Adorable, but feels abbreviated. Gus would be the cutest nickname! But to what? Ferguson? August? Augustine? Nothing really snags our attention, and the good ones have been recently taken by a close friend and a cousin.

Leo: Again, feels like a nickname, and while I am SURE this little guy will have a great many nicknames, I need his first name to carry a little more weight. Chris would pair this with Finnigan in a heartbeat. Meaning: Lion. (Can you imagine a kid named, The White Lion Weldy?? Not sure I want to tackle that toddler…)

Edison: Kinda love this one. Again with the vowel first initial matching Otto, has a fun reference to electrical engineering (Chris' profession), it's different but known. He would fit right in with the Hudson's and Aiden's but wouldn't be one. BUT we have a niece named Addison…is it too close? Meredith pronounces them identically. Also, what would you use as a nickname? Nicknames happen in our house and I'm not a fan of Ed or Eddie. Meaning: Son of Edward (My maternal grandfather middle was Edward…close enough?)

Okay, name my baby pretty please.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Third Little Weldy: 35 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: Thirty-five weeks…which means we have a measly 35 days until this guy's due date. How's that for a mental shake-up?? 33 if he takes after Meredith, 45 if he's like his brother. (Not allowed, sorry bud. 41 weeks is all you get, your Mom has problems with another placental abruption.)
How Big is Baby: 5 1/4 pounds, and 18 inches. Being that he's a Weldy, I assume bigger.
Weight Gain/Loss: Weigh in is on Monday, we will see how much damage was done over the holiday. Probably tons. (See what I did there?)
Maternity clothes: Starting to rethink the skinny jeans, they are so hard to get out of and Chris laughs at me!
Stretch Marks: Nothing new.
Sleep: Not happening. Sleep is so broken. Bathroom breaks, rolling over, insomnia, and the past few days, a head cold. I'm telling myself it's warm up for the newborn stage, but it still stinks.
Best Moment of the Week:  Sarah took pictures!!!! Everybody dance! Seriously, my sister is the best.
Movement: He's currently head up…I need him to flip and stay there please! Things are getting tight in there, he has to k-turn to rotate as it is and every day he's getting bigger.
Symptoms: Hello serious braxton hicks. They really kicked it up a notch on Christmas day. I think the head cold was the trigger, but yeowch, talk about pressure. Very similar to a post epidural contraction, no pain, but enough pressure to make your eyes water and cut off your air supply. I'd be just find with stuff like that holding off for a couple of weeks, thank you very much.
Food Cravings: Tomatoes are out, they have started to cause serious instant heart burn. Baby carrots and cucumbers are delicious, I add them to my plate whenever I get pie, because balance.
What I am Looking Forward to: Mentally focusing on, you know, having a BABY in a couple of weeks. I've been focused on the holidays and kinda let that due date sneak up on me, yikes! Sewing for baby needs to happen. Christmas is over, and thus all the crafting energy can shift to focus on our new little guy! He needs a baby quilt, not because I'm any good at making them, but both his siblings have terrifying mommy-made versions and so he needs one as well. Then there's the Aggie coming home outfit, a must as well.
Meri: Buddy, your sister is a hot mess. She got Elsa lipstick for Christmas, please prepare yourself, she will insist on you (and everyone else) wearing some. She's also really into 'Shake it Off' by Taylor Swift, any time it comes on the radio we all must dance. She even had the nerve to tell me she didn't like George Strait, only Taylor. Please do not let her influence your musical choices.
Otto: Has now moved on to Kyle and Gilbert as his name preferences. The Kyle I totally get, Gilbert came from nowhere, but has a nice ring to it for sure.
Chris: Keeps torturing me on the naming department…he tosses out his 'final' pick, then says, but what about… Ugh! I need to monogram all. the. things!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 Christmas morning was amazingly quiet at our house this year. Not a peep from either of the kids or their Dad until after 8:45. This roly-poly pregnant lady had time for a relaxing cup of coffee in front of the fire, before starting bacon to rouse the slow pokes.

Meri was first to come stumbling down the hall and immediately headed to check out her stocking. The specially popcorn peaking from the top made her squeal! She happily woke up Otto and Chris so that present opening could commence. And I was happy to let her…those two are difficult to get out of bed, but who can say no to Meredith?

We had a wonderful day, junk food at every meal, and family to love on. My family joined us Christmas Day, and Chris' family spent Christmas Eve with us. Pictures are lacking, but the days were full and fun. We hope you had a beautiful day(s) too!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Otto and Santa

Y'all. We are blunt parents. If the kidlets want to know how or why, the engineer in Chris comes out and so does the whiteboard.  Maybe we're just too last minute to get it together and build up to each holiday season, but whatever, let's call it a 'factual parenting'. That's a style, right?

I was raised in a home where mythical creatures weren't the norm, my Mom carried homeschooling into the holidays and we learned about how the day originated and the person/deity behind it.  Chris is far to skeptical a person to believe that a jolly, fat man is going to squeeze down the chimney and bring you fantastic things. He was five, I believe, when he asked for a personal computer (in l989? Not going to happen.), pony, and an Aston Martin…just to prove his parents couldn't deliver.

Chris and I just assumed that our house would be the same way, Santa wasn't going to be the focus of Christmas, no biggie. Santa is a fun story that goes along with the real reason for Christmas, Jesus's birth. We have our manger scene out and reenact the Christmas story. There's an advent calendar in the hallway for before bed, and Sunday school teachers have been doing a great job supporting what we have been teaching at home.

Well. We didn't count on having an Otto.

He has been telling for a month that Santa Clause is a real guy. Insisting, in fact. On Christmas Eve, Santa will be coming through the fireplace to bring him a 'scooper toy' (Caterpillar backhoe, don't worry, we got him one.). This is FACT. We just kinda laughed and reminded him that the presents we get are to celebrate Jesus' birthday, and he is so kind he shares with us.

Enter Polar Express day at preschool. We sent our Batman clad kid off for a day of movie watching and treats…and to meet a kindly grandpa who came to school dressed as Santa Clause, much to our boy's delight.
You guys, he came home, hands in the air, doing a victory dance. "Santa is a real person! And he lives in our world!!" There's been no stopping him since. HE is right, WE are wrong, THERE WILL be bonus gifts for him under the tree from a man in a red suit.

Our sweet neighbors hosted a Christmas party last weekend (We accidentally moved to the BEST street.) and hired the most adorable Mr. Clause and Elf.

Otto ate. it. up.
He jumped right up and volunteered to help play jingle bells.
Meri wasn't impressed with the big guy, Daddy had to help her go get her bag of treats.
But Ms. Cookie, his elf assistant? Blew her away. "She has a tandy tane on her head!"
And let's not forget the #thirdlittleweldy and his bathroom selfie taking momma. 34 weeks, two days!

We will see where this goes in the future, but this year we've just decided to go with it. I WILL NOT (someone remind me of that ultimatum next year please) be doing Elf on the Shelf, because I'd run out of ideas on day two, but this year if the kids insist that Santa filled the stockings we're going to let the jolly man have the credit.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Third Little Weldy: 33 Weeks

(Not sure what in the heck is up with the font on this post, but I'm too tired to deal with itnot trying to make any statements stand out, they are somehow doing it on their own. Read what you will into it.)

The Highlights:
How far along: 33 weeks
How big is baby: A little over four pounds, but I'm feeling like he is an over achiever and is currently bigger than the 17 inch pineapple Babycenter talks about. 
Weight gain/loss: I've given up. 
Maternity clothes: Why do they all have horizontal stripes? 
Sleep: Ahahaha! 
Best Moment of the Week: Two closets organized and a donation box filled! I also set up a changing station in our bedroom that made Chris do a double take. That's right dude, this guy is joining us on the outside pretty darn quickly. 
Movement: Some bumps and stretches, he's not a big mover and generally is pretty calm. Laying on my left side at night really gets him going, but it also triggers a stomach ache for me, so right side it is. Occasionally a booty or knee will poke out now, which is fun. Hiccups are happening more frequently, helping pinpoint his location. He likes to hang out right side up with his head to my sternum, or flipped upside down with chest to my left hip. 
Symptoms: Nausea, heartburn, melted joints, round ligament paingang's all here, must be getting close!
Food Cravings: Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. I've been serving it to him on organic baby spinach and greens, not topping the Costco pizza he desires, but still. 
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: No thanks. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Working out. It's laughable, even to me, I AM NOT a fan of physical exercise ever. But something about being so far from normal physically is making me want to throw down a couple dozen burpees. Don't worry, once he's an outside baby the urge will go away quickly…just like it did with both his siblings. 
Daddy: Has been eating a lot of taquitos. Our oven is on the fritz (slooow going on repairs through property management) and while I'd love to blame it for my not making proper dinners lately, it's really lovely evening nausea coming back that's stopping me. I'm pathetic and drained at the end of the day, and the kids are happy (and eat better) with pb&j. Chris is left to fend for himself which means freezer food swimming in that devil sauce, Tabasco.  
Otto: Is very aware of the belly. He's constantly asking to listen to his babyand then informs me the little guy is sleeping and will wake up tomorrow and talk to him. If my belly accidentally brushes him, he insists that I make his baby stop hitting him. 
Meredith: Has entered a stage of "I wub it! It's my favorite." The vacuum, pink blankets, chocolate, the sparkly shoes we saw at Ross (she tossed them right into the buggy), everything is her favorite. Pretty sure her little brother will be too. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Third Little Weldy: Thirty-two Weeks

The Highlights:
How far along: 32 Weeks
How big is baby: 3 3/4 pounds, and about 16.5 inches. 
Weight gain/loss: We've gone from a lot straight to a crap ton. I am HUGE this go around. Nothing seems to slow it down, which is hard on the mental game. I'm six measly pounds away from the final weight I hit with both of this guys siblings, let's hope my body doesn't hit that number and decide it's time to pop out a kid, pretty sure he won't be fully cooked at that point. 
Maternity clothes: I'm outgrowing them. 
Stretch marks: Nothing new, but at the rate I'm expanding there might be some new carnage this time. Eek. 
Sleep: Yeah, that's one that is just terrible. Both kids seem to find reasons to come sleep with us, all silly things, but we totally fall for it. A few nights I've given up and left Chris alone to deal with the spastic sleepers, heading for Otto's bed by myself. Let me tell you, sleeping all alone is heavenly. We may need a bigger bed if the trend of camping in Mom and Dad's room continues. 
Best Moment of the Week: WeeK? Ha! Let's try five weeks. I am really rocking at this updating thing:( We are getting more and more excited about meeting this guy, and actually doing some prep work to make the transition to a family of five a little more smooth. Best moment recently, was coming home and pulling INTO the garage to park! Yay for a weekend of organization!
Movement: Slowing down to pushes and shoves, occasionally he turns and that's a tad painful. Poor guy is running out of room, but still has some serious growing to do. 
Symptoms: Round ligament pain is here, much to my great sadness. It's killer man, and doesn't let up easily. I'm exhausted by the end of the day, but swelling has been minimal which is a blessing. I get stiff easily, but overall am still fairly mobile. 
Food Cravings: Grape tomatoes, and Cabot's cheese. This little guy also loves pizza, but it gives his mother ridiculous heartburn, so he's not allowed to have it until he can chew it himself. 
Gender: Boy! Nameless boy. 
Labor Signs: There have been a few rounds of braxton hicks that were pretty intense, but I managed to drown them with water and rest. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Meeting this guy and learning his personality. 
Daddy: Excited, close to being done with school for the semester, and kindly working on my 'Before Baby' list that I stuck to the fridge. He humors my crazy, and I love him for it. 
Otto: Drags the bouncers, jumperoo, and play mats out daily and assembles them. "Mom, I'm just testing them in case my baby decides to come out today." I think he is more excited for his little brother to get here than he is for Christmas. Still wants to name him Canaan. 
Meredith: Wants to name him Airplane, but only because I told her we can't have two O-t-t-o's. 

And now for a picture of PLUMP Lydia. See that shadow on my neck? Pretty much the equivalent of a neck cankle, whatever those are called. Chant with me, "He will be worth it, he will be worth it." 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Michael Clay

We have a new nephew! Michael Clay showed up a few weeks early, a week before Thanksgiving. Isn't he gorgeous??
He was a big boy, 8 pounds and 10 ounces…more of an Aunt Lydia sized baby, than his petite Momma's.  I am loving the squish! 
We got to meet and snuggle him a week later on Thanksgiving day.  (and also enjoy a feast with his family!) He has dark fuzz all over, and the most darling ears, perfect little guy in every way.
Stephen is doing a great job adjusting to being a big brother, and is so BIG by comparison. He will be two in just a few short weeks, how does that happen so fast?!
New family of four!
Otto thought Michael was very cute and wanted to hold him, but lost interest quickly because, "He's not very good at playing yet, Mom." Meredith was SO impressed however. She wanted to help in any way and was thrilled when he had a dirty diaper she could assist in changing. Let's hope that continues when her little brother gets here!